Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

the many-worlds interpretation.

"the universe is not a single entity, there are many universes, we call them parallel universes, and each of the choices you make is born out in one of these universes."

heute die beyond time-folge von radio lab gehört, beim abendlichen gang durch die stadt, und gelernt, dass ich mit meinem ganzen groundhog day quatsch gar nicht so daneben liege. many-worlds interpretation nennt man das in der quantenmechanik.

the moments are, they just exist, and somehow, it's the human mind in each moment that makes each moment seem real. december 31st 1999, i was at a new year's party, and according to this way of thinking, i will always be at that new year's party, because that moment is, it exists, it's not that it somehow goes away. my mind seems to organise into moments that are gone and moments that have yet to be, but i think that's my mind organising things. i don't think that's how the universe is put together. the moments just are.

welch beruhigender gedanke. keine fehler, keine verpassten chancen.