Montag, 13. März 2006

the nights' tragic rambling is the next days' apology.

mostly i sleep it off | it's easier in the morning to shrug off the evenings' drunken pathetic pleas | 'cause the nights' tragic rambling is the next day's apology | so if you can sit tight 'till the sun hits the blinds | we can settle everything, oh no.

turning on a dime | i just can't trust my instincts | one day my heart beats with passion the next it waxes back | if i seem a little callused i assure you it's just a scratch | so if you can hold on 'till the mood swings are gone then we might just have a chance, oh no.

baby, i quit | i just can't fake it anymore | i'm a dull, jaded, selfish, abusive dysfunctional fuck-up | i need to be rescued | i'm stranded on myself | and i can't escape from this island i made | i'm afraid i never will, oh no.