Freitag, 22. Juli 2005


south: completing scott's epic 1912 journey

"january 1912. dying inch by inch, robert falcon scott and his team crawled back from the south pole through the most hostile conditions on earth. eleven miles from their depot they finally perished. in the 93 years since, no one has ever walked to the south pole and back. many experts still consider it impossible.

in october 2006, we will attempt to prove them wrong. setting out from scott's wooden hut on the edge of antarctica, we will manhaul 400lb sledges across 1,800 miles of the most hostile terrain on earth, to the pole and back.

south is the four-month trek, the first ever south pole round trip on foot. we will have no outside assistance, no air resupplies and will ski every mile under our own motive power.
* the first return journey to the south pole on foot
* the longest unsupported polar journey of all time
* the first recreation of scott's 1911-12 expedition"

ben's & tony's south expedition goes public.
and you can own a mile of their trek.