Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

linklove. [#95]

"i had a simple glimpse of me coming back. i get to create a new "me" whatever that entails. it hasn't been easy having to reinvent myself. i have (and still do) mourn for stephanie. where did she go? now i look in the mirror and see someone else, but it's still me. it's...well...weird. i have to learn to be me again. i have to accept and hope. and i should stop saying "should" and replace that with "get". i get to have a second chance at life. i get to enjoy my children even if my fingers don't work. i get to change the way i look at life and how i can somehow help someone else in need.

and best of all, i get to have my husband. he is still him and i am still me and we still can and are creating the same love we had before. i may becoming a different stephanie, but it's still me."

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