Sonntag, 22. März 2009

linklove. [#89]

"anyhow. take it as you will, but remember that the web is not you and it’s not me. the web is just a braindead platform for moving information around, but it’s not your actual friends. and, while it’s insanely understandable to tire of all the horseshit and look-at-me stuff, i must advise you: never miss an opportunity to meet the faces behind your favorite avatars. especially when they’re all in one place? wow.

not a list of peoples’ jokey internet names, not a moldy hillock of kinda-funny-once “memes,” not a series of asynchronous “@” responses, and not a goddamned drama about who follows whom today and what it all means. talking about meeting people who speak in sentences and have complicated lives and make great things and care about a lot of the same stuff you do. that’s the thing."

[kung fu grippe: conferences, friends, and stuff that really matters|via|und deshalb fahre ich übernächste woche zur re:publica.]