Sonntag, 10. August 2008

note to self. [#9 | things i learned from craig villani.]

  • pranayama: inhale=su; exhale=ha ("make a funny noise")
  • halfmoon backward bend: hips foward, look at back wall
  • halfmoon forward bend: exhale on stretching up, inhale on pulling down
  • standing head to knee: go slow! look at standing legs' toe in transition ("you've got no knee!")
  • balancing stick: tug-of-war
  • separate leg stretching: hairline, not forehead
  • triangle: stretch up to stretch down
  • rabbit: suck stomach in; aim to connect forehead to bellybutton; look at bellybutton

"you come for the yoga-butt and along the way you'll get some self-realisation."

"breath is the bridge."

"we just brainwash you with the breathing."

"your heart is the bass drum, your breath the basssline."

"all postures are simultaneously diagnostic and therapeutic."

"the pain is going to show you where your problems are."

[und beim einschlafen am abend, da konnte ich craigs dialogue noch in meinem kopf hören; das push it, push it, stretch up, fall back, don't be scared, breathe, don't hold your breath, push it, push it, suck it in, your knee is locked, no knee, you have got no knee, up, up, higher, higher, push it-mantra.|#]