Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2008

linklove. [#70]

"the next line in the song is rather telling though and brings the narrative into a more reformed sort of dressing – to a point that makes the dude not so much of a foolish monster. it still makes him a drinker, but that can be tougher to extinguish. kasher sings, with slight indignation and some awe, “or doesn’t she need to drink,” as if it was part heroism and partly insufferable at the same time. so many of the saddle creek crew have opened their mouths to what many a good, hard drink can do for a soul. their hearts beats aren’t muffled thuds beneath a plate of rib bone, skin and chest hair, but the clinking of empty wine bottles and the glug of a pull of whiskey racing the open space and air to get to the opening. they are men who drink – or think and write about the men who drink."

[daytrotter: cursive - ain't no apocalypse like a midwestern apocalypse | ein fantastischer, auf deutsch unmöglicher text über cursive. und dazu zwei neue songs. siehe auch: woxy.]