Mittwoch, 19. März 2008

linklove. [#64]

clooney has also been accused of having hair plugs. that libel came after his role in syriana, for which -- to appear more schlubby -- he shaved back the hair on his temples. in fact, he claims he's got the opposite problem, an advancing hairline: he's got a widow's peak that he shaves. "right here," he says. "feel."

i've never felt another man's widow's-peak stubble. but clooney makes the invitation with such ease and confidence, it seems impolite to turn him down.

"nice, isn't it?"

[esquire: the 9:10 to crazyland: we find out what happens when george clooney googles george clooney. and when a.j. jacobs shows him 2 girls 1 cup.|via]