Samstag, 29. Juli 2006

please. [yet another case of indiedisco-amnesia.]

but yesterday when i saw your eyes in a black haze | you didn't even know my name | so i walked on pretending that you still belong | but it will never be the same no more
it's like a picture of a loved one in disguise or | it's like finding something pretty in a jar of lies and | if you want just hide your eyes behind your hair | but if you can't see me then you can't find me anywhere
but we're all happy cause the streets they're always there for us | and it's quite scary when you wake up in the same old clubs | it's getting darker and i know this time wasn't meant for us | so won't you please please please come back to me

come back to me | please please please | please please please

[file under: what berlin does to me.]