Dienstag, 14. Februar 2006

musically, emo means almost nothing as a discipline per se.

" 'back the fuck up, bitch,' you snap suddenly. (getting testy?) 'death cab for cutie and the shins aren’t all hollery-whiny. and what, oh what, dobright eyesandweez-goddamn-erhave in common? for that matter, what do fugazi and elliott smith have in common?' "
kate sullivan: i come to your emo-tional rescue.
und herzzerreissend wunderbar, natürlich: rock'n'roll love letter: art brut! art brut!
"it’s a funny thing about art brut, though: what makes them special — that is, the singer — is also what will probably limit them from becoming a truly great band. argos does one thing, more or less. he talks. he talks and then talks a little more. it gets a bit samey after a while.
then again, at moments, it’s all you need. it’s simple."