Montag, 20. Februar 2006

in just three minutes can i suitably impress?

the ugly tattooed swingers euphemise, and call their mucky hobby 'trysts' | but if i saw another man touch you, i'd break his fucking wrists | 'monogamy's not natural, we can't survive,' that's what he'll say | he loves to swap, he's open-minded, but don't dare suggest he's gay
and maybe we're just lucky | maybe our connection is unique | and if that's really just what normal people do | aren't you proud to be a freak
the so-called doctor gray's a billionaire because he's got the sexes sussed | we're a different race, we can't communicate and mind-games are a must | and if you need a man, just buy the book and follow all the rules | there's no-one quicker to splash out than vulnerable, desperate, lonely fools
do you know enough to circle me a 'yes'? | in just three minutes, can i suitably impress | why don't we ignore the whistle | just a look, a smile, a kiss'll tell you all you really need to know
and maybe we're just different | maybe we're nature's surprise | so put down the book, log off, and keep your wallet closed | and just look me in the eyes