Dienstag, 10. Januar 2006

me [heart] the atlantic monthly.

the atlantic monthly. december 2005 edition index. [highlights.]

affleck, ben, poker habits of, 121
allen, woody, projected immortality of, 105
byron, lord, nabokovian entanglements of, 134
charles, ray, airbrushed life of, 166
clark, dick, grudgingly accepted mortality of, 15; eternal tautness of, 15
clinton, hillary, on grand theft auto, 129
garland, judy, pemature middle-age of, 178; jolsonian dynamism of, 178; as sinatra de-pantser, 179; trouble-some son in law of, 179
god, accidental birth of, 105-112; hollywood following of, 161-168
hitler, adolf, destruction of warsaw and, 46; questionable soul of, 195
kasparov, gary kimovich, as putin foe, 48-52; liberal bona fides of, 48; ketchup covered eggs and, 50; as dirty-tricks target, 50
olsen, ashley, grilled-cheese cameo of, 111
rumsfeld, donald, as insurgency sceptic, 68; operational boredom of, 70
schröder, gerhard, soft touch of, 100
trump, donald, as slot-machine barker, 122; as state of mind, 128
zhakiyanov, galymzhan, kazakh dissident, equine lactation and, 103