Freitag, 17. Juni 2005


"i am the man of your dreams and desires. i will satisfy you, if only you would allow me the pleasure. i will swear on my honor as a man that i will do you right until the morning light. i will fulfill your every wish. and i will use oils if necessary.
so, in conclusion, let me summarize by saying that i will drape you in silk and hit you doggy-style, then i will feed you eggs of every kind and variety, and my back is strong.
bring it on."
[alex via smoove b. "smoove b has put into words how i feel about you. (btw, can you send me your address again?)".]

[nachtrag für ironie-resistente menschen: alex ist ein kumpel, smoove b ein theonion running gag. das da oben kommt aus einem 'smoove b love note generator'. und meine adresse will er nicht haben, um zu stalken, sonder wg. geburtagsgeschenken. so there.]