Mittwoch, 6. April 2005


have you been overly normalized by the bland conventions of what constitutes psychological health? has your spunk been sapped by the pressure to behave yourself in a civilized manner? if so, i have two bits of advice. they'll have a sickening effect if you apply them too liberally, but they'll be a wonderful tonic if you use them in small doses.

first, here's some medicine from thoreau: "do not be too moral. you may cheat yourself out of much life. aim above morality. be not simply good; be good for something." now try this inoculation by rumi (as translated by coleman barks): "forget safety./ live where you fear to live./ destroy your reputation./ be notorious./ i have tried prudent planning/ long enough./ from now/ on, i'll be mad."
danke, rob breszny.

das letzte kommt auf ein t-shirt.
from now on, i'll be mad.