Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

feeling crummy does not work.

michael moore: here's why i walk every day and why i hope you'll join me
"but the truth is, exercise does not work, diets do not work, feeling crummy does not work. nothing works. my advice: quit trying to be something you're not, be happy with the life you've been given, and just go for a pleasant walk outside. with me. wherever you are. get off the treadmill, stop drinking diet coke, throw out all the rules. it's all a scam and it conspires to keep you miserable. if it says "low-fat" or "sugar-free" or "just 100 calories!" throw it out. remember, one of the main tenets of capitalism is to have the consumer filled with fear, insecurity, envy and unhappiness so that we can spend, spend, spend our way out of it and, dammit, just feel better for a little while. but we don't, do we? the path to happiness - and deep down, we all know this -- is created by love, and being kind to oneself, sharing a sense of community with others, becoming a participant instead of a spectator, and being in motion. moving. moving around all day. lifting things, even if it's yourself."

with the aim of religion and the method of science.

the daily beast: inside the prison journal of west memphis three’s damien echols
 "one of the most famous hermetic esotericists, aleister crowley, said that when a person seeks to discover the true nature of reality he should do so “with the aim of religion, and the method of science.” in other words, seek unity with the first cause, yet believe in nothing. if something is true, it does not require belief to remain so."

Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

"wir wollen mit Ihnen über gott sprechen!"

wie bezaubernd missionare reagieren, wenn man ihnen sagt, dass man auf dem nachttisch das buch mormon liegen hat, und gerade ein buch mit dem titel "falling in love with joseph smith" liest. und dann auch noch all die mormonen-frauen-blogs! trotzdem keine zeit zum schwatzen gehabt. außerdem: kaffee, gleichberechtigung, alles.

[kein passendes adjektiv für die wholesomeness von mormonen-missionaren gefunden, das ihre uramerikanische wohlgenährtheit und körperliche fitness, ihre naivität, ihren wunsch und willen, das richtige zu tun, angemessen beschreibt.]